“SEO Theory studies the behaviors of systems of Web pages and search engine systems, as well as their interactions. A Web page “behaves” through its content. A search engine “behaves” through its algorithms. The dynamics of interaction between Web pages and search engines draw upon the forces of marketing, information management, and user management.
Technical interest in SEO Theory obviously seeks to understand how the systems work with the intent of improving overall performance of Web content in search engine indexes. Non-technical interest in SEO Theory may be driven by no more than simple curiosity, but as the business and organizational comunities increase their dependence upon search engine optimization, decision-makers need to understand the risks, values, and returns offered by search engine optimization.
As a purely intellectual exercise, the study of search engine optimization is almost non-existent. It remains a peripheral aspect of more traditional academic research focusing on search engine indexing and technology. The motives of the search engine optimization community in documenting, explaining, and promoting “techniques” are almost completely mercantile.
— Michael Martinez, Director of Search Strategies, Visible Technologies, Inc., Seattle, WA

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the volume and improving the quality of traffic to a web site through search engines using organic or algorithmic search results. Typically, the higher the site is presented in the search results, or the higher the “ranking,” the more likely it is that searchers will visit that site. SEO can also target image searches, local searches and vertical search engines.
— Steven Davies


webmaster tools
1. Bing Webmaster Tools
2. Bing Webmaster Tools – Link Explorer
3. Google Webmaster Tools
4. Yandex.Webmaster
online backlink checkers
5. Ahrefs Backlinks Report
6. Ahrefs Site Explorer
7. Alexa
8. Backlink Watch
10. cognitiveSEO Backlink Checker & Site Explorer
12. Indexicon – Free Backlink Checker
13. linkbird
14. Linkody
15. Linkody – Backlink Checker
16. LinkPad
17. LinkResearchTools – Backlink Profiler (BLP)
18. LinkResearchTools – Quick Backlinks (QBL) Tool
19. Majestic
20. Monitor Backlinks – Free Backlink Checker SEO Tool
21. MoonSearch
22. Open Site Explorer
23. OpenLinkProfiler
25. Searchmetrics Suite – Backlink Check & Analysis Tool
26. SEMrush
27. SEOkicks
28. SEOlytics
29. SEOprofiler
30. Sheer Explorer
31. Site Explorer
33. Web SEO Analytics
34. WebMeUp backlink tool
backlink checker api’s
35. Ahrefs API
36. Majestic API
37. Mozscape API
38. SEMrush API
39. SEOkicks API
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40. SEO SpyGlass
41. Traffic Travis

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