Top 10 Most Popular Site in Nepal -2015

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Rank is a marketing tool developed by a third party that forecasts website traffic. For competitive analysis, online businesses often use Alexa Rank. Websites with an Alexa Rank of 1 to 100,000 have the most reliable Alexa Rankings.

Check out top ten site in nepal ranked by alexa.

1. Onlinekhabar
Rank in Nepal: 5
Overall Rank in Alexa: 7810

2. Setopati
Rank in Nepal: 7
Overall Rank in Alexa: 12,894

3. Ekantipur
Rank in Nepal: 8
Overall Rank in Alexa: 8,477

4. Nagariknews
Rank in Nepal: 10
Overall Rank in Alexa: 12,067

5. Ratopati
Rank in Nepal: 12
Overall Rank in Alexa: 15,713

6. Annapurna Post
Rank in Nepal: 15
Overall Rank in Alexa: 21,545

7. Kathmandu Today
Rank in Nepal: 17
Overall Rank in Alexa: 43,723

8. Merojob
Rank in Nepal: 20
Overall Rank in Alexa: 47,524

9. Pahilopost
Rank in Nepal: 21
Overall Rank in Alexa: 36,250

10. Ujyaaloonline
Rank in Nepal: 23
Overall Rank in Alexa: 36,706

Data analyzed date: 2015,feb 22