WordPress Training in Nepal

WordPress Training in Nepal, WordPress an open source and popular blogging website, is widely used all over the world. It is a content management system that allows website creation as easy as updating one’s status or uploading a photo to Facebook. WordPress is now being used to create a variety of websites and blogs, and as a result, the field of careers in WordPress development is expanding. Since it is open source, it has a large volunteer community that contributes to its development.

This blog tutorials will teach you how to create a website or blog in WordPress. These courses will teach you how to install WordPress and customize it for SEO, develop a WordPress theme, create an ecommerce website, and use the open-source WordPress content management framework to publish your photographs and articles.

Why WordPress Training is Important?

  • WordPress is a well-known open-source blogging website that is commonly used around the globe.
  • WordPress is already being used to create a variety of websites and journals, and as a result, the need for WordPress developers is growing.
  • Since it is open-source, it has a wide group of volunteers who help it evolve.
  • All is free, from documents to javascript, and there are thousands of plugins and themes to help you build a website quickly.
  • It has increased WordPress’s influence in Nepal and around the globe.
  • As a result, WordPress teaching is in high demand in Nepal.
  • This WordPress Training course is appropriate for people who have no previous programming experience but want to get into web development as well as experienced programmers.
  • If you want to easily create websites or blogs using WordPress-powered plugins, themes, and models, or if you want to grow websites and blogs using PHP and MySQL programming,

WordPress Training with Easy Course Module

  1. Introduction
  2. A little history
  3. Word Press as a blogging platform
  4. WordPress as a Content Management System
  5. WordPress as an ecommerce solution
  6. WordPress for just about anything
  7. Getting started with WordPress
  8. Installing WordPress
  9. First look at the dashboard
  10. Posts
  11. Custom Post and Meta
  12. Pages
  13. Media
  14. Tags
  15. Categories
  17. Summary0m
  18. Press Start: Setting up your Word Press installation
  19. Users
  20. Tools
  21. Settings
  22. Choose your Plugins
  23. Free Plugins
  24. Custom Plugins
  25. Freemium Plugins
  26. Premium Plugins
  27. Premium Plugin Shops
  28. Finishing Move: Themes
  29. Themes
  30. Widgets
  31. Menus
  32. Built-in theme customization options
  33. Editor
  34. Free Themes
  35. Premium Themes
  36. Custom Themes
  37. Custom CSS
  38. Word press File Structure
  39. Database Structure
  40. Plugin Development
  41. Themes Development
  42. Knowledge of Word press CMS
  43. Errors and Maintenance
  44. Bonus Tips
  45. Blogging
  46. AdSense
  47. Business knowledge
  48. Content Strategy

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