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Before establishing a blog, the most perplexing aspect for every blogging aficionado is deciding which blogging platform to use.

WordPress vs Blogspot is a hotly debated topic.

There are other blogging platforms to select from, including Tumbler, Wix, Jumla, and others.

When it comes to the professional side, WordPress is the greatest option. You can do a lot of things with a self-hosted WordPress blog that you can’t accomplish with a BlogSpot blog.

Both BlogSpot and WordPress provide a free blogging platform, which is adequate for beginning a blogging career but not ideal.

If you blog on any of these free blogging sites, read this article to learn how to limit a free blogging platform for a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Blogging Platform: WordPress vs. BlogSpot

As I previously stated, I have used BlogSpot for a long time. I’m familiar with its advantages and disadvantages, and I’m not going to list them here because they’re all already in WordPress.

Take Command of Your Blog

Control over the blog is one of the main reasons I favor self-hosted WordPress. Google owns Blogspot and has the authority to erase your blog without notice.

If you additionally use the custom domain functionality, there is a potential that Google will erase your blog if you use the flagging and reporting functions.

This is fairly frequent, and you can see from a Google search about bloggers that many of the issues are upsetting.

Self-hosted WordPress Blog is the winner.

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My Personal Thoughts on “WordPress VS Blog Post”

WordPress vs Blogspot, Best in 2022?
Caption: wordpress vs blogspot 2022

I, too, began my blogging career on BlogSpot before transitioning to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

As previously stated, Blogspot is an excellent blogging platform for a rookie blogger, but in the long run, WordPress is the platform to use.

By the end of this essay, I hope to have cleared up any confusion over self-hosted WordPress blogs, free BlogSpot sites, and WordPress.com blogs.

WordPress Templates and Themes: (WordPress vs Blogspot)

Blogger has a lot of templates, but because WordPress is a commercial platform, you can get a limitless number of free and paid WordPress themes.

Because you have FTP access to your WordPress blog, you can entirely modify the look and feel of your WordPress theme.

I’ve included links to some well-known theme companies. On these websites, you can find lovely free and premium themes.

  1. Everest Themes
  2. Wishful Themes
  3. MyThemeShop

WordPress Plugins and Support are the winners.

WordPress includes features such as plugins and active community support.

When I was using BlogSpot, I had to spend a lot of time editing my theme and displaying features like Related posts.

WordPress’s plugins make your life much easier. You can accomplish anything by using plugins, and if not, you may seek assistance from the WordPress support Forum, where you can even obtain custom code to increase the possibilities of your blog.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization is the winner.

It makes no difference where your blog is hosted. Any blog’s first and last priority is traffic.

SEO is the most effective way to drive visitors to your site from search engines.

When comparing WordPress vs BlogSpot, WordPress provides more options for optimizing your site for search engines, whereas BlogSpot limits you to only a few settings.
Blogspot and WordPress have a good reputation.

It is because to human potential or perception that most people do not view BlogSpot favorably. The basic explanation is because it is free, and many people use it for Blackhat SEO, spamming, and Affiliate landing pages.

People believe that a self-hosted WordPress blog has a paid service and is the best option for their blog.

Google AdSense Monetization 2022

AdSense is a lifeline for every blogger looking to monetize their blog. You may monetize your site using Adsense and earn a lot of money from Google.

There was a period when Blogspot was the best way to gain AdSense approval, however getting an AdSense account from Blogspot became tough later on.

Another advantage of a self-hosted site is the ease with which you can obtain AdSense approval using WordPress and your domain name.

However, in order to gain Adsense approval, you must fulfill their requirements.

Blog for Sale (WordPress vs Blogspot)

Google severely prohibits the resale of BlogSpot blogs, but it does not prohibit the resale of a self-hosted WordPress blog. Your self-hosted WordPress blog can always be resold.

Many people start a WordPress blog with the intention of selling it later.

Websites for Social Media

People who are active on social networking sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit, for example, are aware that many people dislike BlogSpot blogs.

Yes, if you use a custom domain, it will work. Many networks, including buysellads, do not accept Blogspot blogs.

There is nothing wrong with that, but WordPress is more widely known around the world.

WordPress is updated on a regular basis, bringing new features and enhanced functionality.

The disadvantage of utilizing WordPress is that the theme, domain, and hosting may all be quite expensive. That, unlike BlogSpot, is free.

WordPress will also assist you create the proper amount of money for you over time.

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