If you want to learn something new and intriguing, you can ask a question on question and answer websites. On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable about a certain topic in your field, you can assist others by answering their questions. The list of question and answer sites can help you increase traffic to your website. The nicest thing about these sites is that they are always crowded with a lot of organic traffic. If readers find your response useful and helpful, they may wish to visit your website using the link you provided. They may also upvote, like, or share your response. Numerous other off-page SEO tactics can help you acquire a good rating in search engines and a lot of visitors.

As a result, by utilizing them, you might generate a massive amount of traffic to your blog or website, which may even turn into good potential leads or consumers. To assist you further with these sites, we have provided a list of prominent question-and-answer sites in 2021.

List of Question and Answer Websites


Pro Tip for Using a List of Question and Answer Websites

It is recommended that you begin using these sites when you have a sufficient number of posts on your website so that when visitors are referred to your website from Q & A sites, they will find something useful to read and increase their knowledge. Alternatively, after 6 months of site creation, you might begin working on this list of question and answer sites.

If you connect on these sites regularly, you will be able to see results during the following 6 to 12 months, with approximately 5 to 10 backlinks every month. The number of backlinks generated by Q&A sites, on the other hand, is entirely contingent on how frequently you utilize them.

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The above-mentioned Question Answer Site List is useful from the following perspectives:

  • Interaction with a larger audience: Appropriate responses Having a URL to your site is an extremely quick approach to draw a wide audience to your business.
  • Participate in Niche-Appropriate Communities: You may be able to become a member of one of the largest communities in your industry/niche. This makes it simple to target your customers.
  • Improved SEO: The list of question and answer websites includes only informational sites that do not allow users to engage in spammy actions. So, if you can obtain backlinks from these high-quality sites, search engines will gladly reward you with higher results in SERPs.
  • Free to Use: The websites mentioned in the question and answer sites list are free to use, so you won’t have to pay anything to share your thoughts on a variety of topics with your global audience.
  • Right Knowledge Access and Sharing: If you can’t find a suitable solution to a problem, you may submit your question on any of the sites listed in the list of Q&A websites and obtain answers from the most qualified people in the sector.
  • Profile Enhancement: When you are consistent with your inquiries and answers on these sites, it increases user trust and confidence in your brand, which leads to an improvement in your business profile.
  • Significant Content Strategy Element: A question-and-answer website list can do more than just improve SEO. You can improve your content strategy, raise brand awareness, connect with prospects and collaborators, and position yourself as an industry expert.


If you intend to use the list of Q&A websites, you must first read this protocol to go systematically on these sites. Let’s get this party started…

Step 1: Create an account on each of the sites listed in the Q&A sites list. You can create a new account by entering your username, email address, and password, or you can sign up using your Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

Step 2: Following registration, you must finish the account verification process by clicking on the link supplied to your email address.

Step 3: Once your account has been verified, you must fill your profile with information such as your First Name, Last Name, and Website URL. You can also join various forums on question answer sites that are relevant to your niche.

After you’ve completed the above procedures, you’re ready to post questions and provide answers to previously published questions on the list of question and answer sites.

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Question And Answer Websites?

To get started with a question and answer site correctly, you should be aware of the following do’s and don’ts. Otherwise, your efforts will be futile.

Do’s and Don’ts of Q&A Websites

  • Make sure you understand the terms and restrictions of utilizing question and answer websites. Failure to follow their guidelines may result in the deletion of your questions and answers, as well as the cancellation of your account.
  • Always provide meaningful responses to questions posed by other users.
  • Make certain that your responses are not copied.
  • In addition to being relevant and original, your responses should be keyword-rich. Including keywords in your responses boosts your chances of appearing on the search engine results page.
  • Always include relevant links and graphics in your responses to make them more relevant and interesting.

List Of Q&A Websites Dos and Don’ts

  • Never include spammy links in your responses, such as Blogspot links, affiliate links, and so on.
  • Avoid grammatical, spelling, and factual errors in your queries and replies on these sites.

The Final Word

The list of high DA Q&A Websites in this post will undoubtedly assist you in obtaining a large volume of quality referral traffic to your site. This is an incredible off-page SEO action.

I hope you found this piece helpful in increasing your SEO as well as your general online brand presence and reputation.

Share this information with others so that they, too, may take a great step for their business and see it develop immensely.

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