What is Schema?, We all know how SEO has changed the internet’s game over the past couple of years. However, do you know that one of its latest evolutions is schema? Schema markup hasn’t yet been utilized as much as it should be but it is crucial to note that it is one of the most powerful forms of SEO in 2018. Basically, Schema markup is nothing but code that assists the search engine in returning more helpful results to the users once you put it on your website. It is similar to rich snippets (if you have ever used it). We can compare proper eating, getting good rest or exercising to adding schema to your web pages. It is that basic! We all know we need to do it but following it appropriately can be that tough. Because of lack of knowledge, people don’t bother to use structured markup despite the fact that they have been around for many years. If you find the right catch about the concept and technique of schema markup, your website is going to rule the SERPs( search engine result pages).

We know why you have come here and today we will make you clear about the schema concept and how to get started with it. Keep reading to find out why Schema is best for SEO in 2018.

How Schema actually works

The Schema project consists of a centralized home called Schema.org in the internet. It is a centralized collaboration between renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Yandex. Whenever a user tried to search something, the website’s content gets indexed and returned by the search engines in their result page. However, with the use of schema, the way of indexing and returning of some part of the content happens in a different way. This happens because schema forwards the content’s actual meaning to the search engine.

Source: Kissmetrics

According to a research, use of markup in a website makes them rank 4 positions superior in the search engine result page than those websites who don’t use any markups. As of now, schema markup exists in rich snippets included by 1/3 of search result given by Google. However, it is crucial to note that that the websites that utilize schema exists only 0.3%. Isn’t it quite shocking that millions of websites scattered on the internet are not utilizing a great SEO form?

How to use Schema in your website

If you aren’t really good at coding but still want to use schema in your website, there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is add schema.org vocabulary bits into HTML Microdata.

Follow these easy steps to use Schema markup into your website:

  1. Visit Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.
  2. Make the selection of the type of data that you want to markup.
  3. Go to the URL of the page or article that you want to markup and paste it.
  4. Select the type of elements you desire to markup by highlighting.
  5. Continue adding the markup items.
  6. Create the HTML.
  7. Add schema markup to your web page.
  8. Structured Data Testing Tool helps to find out what your page will look like with the added markup, use it.

There is nothing to be amazed about the fact that 2018 will welcome some new technological progress as it happens in every successive year. Thus it is you who should keep yourself updated with the progress and catch it to keep up the pace. With more and more websites emerging in the web, there is an absolute need for you to think about the ways which will make you stand out in the crowd. Therefore, adapting schema markup can be one of your bests ideas to do so in 2018.

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