Chrome extensions can take your browser to the next level of functionality.
  • Chrome extensions let you add thousands of different apps and functionalities to your web browser.
  • For example, the Google Dictionary and Google Translate extensions make it simple to define terms and translate webpages from different languages.
  • Here are 15 of the greatest Chrome addons for increasing productivity.

Many people prefer Chrome as their web browser of choice. That’s because it’s a quick, efficient browser with a plethora of built-in capabilities. Chrome, however, can do more when combined with the almost limitless extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the finest Chrome extensions for increasing productivity, whether you use Chrome for work, leisure, or creative arts.


You may record a screencast of any tab or window, or the full desktop, with Loom.

Do you need to make a screencast? Loom makes it simple. In just a few clicks, you may capture a specific window, browser tab, or the full desktop, accompanied by audio commentary. The nicest feature is the optional talking-head video it can take with your webcam – you appear in a small round window in the corner of the screen for added professional gloss. When you’re finished, you can send your videos to friends and family via email.


TinEye is a tool for searching for images in reverse. Do you want to discover where an image came from or where it’s being used online? To access the TinEye website, click the TinEye extension button, then drag any internet image to the page, even if it is not downloaded first. After a little moment, TinEye will display all of the sites where it discovered the identical image.


With FoxClocks, you can have all of the time zones that are important to you on your screen at all times.

With FoxClocks, you can have all of the time zones that are important to you on your screen at all times. Johnson, Dave
Knowing what time it is seven time zones away is useful if you work with team members, partners, or clients all over the country or the world. FoxClocks allows you to create a list of cities and displays the time in each in a bar at the top or bottom of your browser. When you click the extension button in the toolbar, you can also view the time in a drop-down menu.


Todoist is a well-known task manager and list manager that syncs your chores and activities across your PC and other devices. The extension displays your Todoist items in a drop-down menu, eliminating the need to open a new window or app to see what’s on your to-do list for the day. From here, you can also add new tasks, create goals, and check in on team members that use Todoist.

Email Finder

Email Finder, as the name implies, makes it simple to find email addresses for business contacts. It can scrape email addresses from any business or search page and works in tandem with LinkedIn. All contacts are immediately saved in the cloud at GetProspect, where you may create email lists and export them to other services.


Chrome extensions
Bitwarden is a free password manager that comes with a fantastic browser plugin.

Bitwarden is a free password manager that comes with a fantastic browser plugin. Johnson, Dave
By the year 2022, everyone should be utilizing a password manager to safely store their hundreds of passwords. Bitwarden is one of the greatest (and free) password managers, and the Bitwarden Chrome extension is a must-have. It allows you to log into websites with a single click and access secure documents from any site.

Save to pocket

This may appear strange given that Pocket — a useful tool for bookmarking websites to view later — is owned by Mozilla and was originally included in Firefox. However, you can use the Pocket plugin in Chrome to bookmark websites for later reading. You may view your Pocket reading list on Chrome, Firefox, on your PC, or in a mobile app.

Print Friendly and pdf

To remove all advertisements from a webpage, use the Print Friendly & PDF plugin. Johnson, Dave
Print Friendly & PDF removes all advertisements, navigation controls, and other extraneous features from a webpage that you wish to print, email, or save as a PDF. Simply go to the page, pick the extension, and it will open in a new window where you may print, save, or share it. You’ll be surprised at how small many web pages appear in this format.


Papier transforms your Chrome browser into a notepad that is always at your fingertips for taking notes. Simply create a new, blank tab in Chrome to capture a work note, a grocery shopping item, or odd notes for your next novel. Papier transforms the blank tab into a free-form notebook. Include headings, basic formatting, bulleted lists, and text. It’s all saved automatically in Chrome, so you don’t even need to create an account to use it.

Full Page Screen Capture

Obtain a single screenshot of any page, regardless of its length. Johnson, Dave
Most web pages runway beyond the bottom of the computer screen, yet Full Page Screen Capture captures a complete page in one continuous screenshot with a single click. After capturing the entire page in a single snapshot, you may export it as a PNG or PDF to your computer and even customize it by adding lines, arrows, and other forms.

Checker Plus for Email

Checker Plus for Gmail allows you to access your Gmail accounts from anywhere; simply click the extension to open a drop-down menu that displays your inbox. You may read, reply to, delete, and manage emails from there, as well as switch between accounts to see all of your emails at once. You’ll nearly never need to access Gmail in a separate browser tab with Checker Plus.

Google Translate

Any webpage in English can be displayed using Google Translate. Johnson, Dave
There are other methods for obtaining internet translations, but few are as simple as utilizing the Google Translate plugin. Simply select foreign language text on the page after installing this add-on and click the Google Translate icon that displays beside the selection. It is automatically translated, and you do not even need to specify the language.


The Grammarly plugin, one of the most prominent online spelling and grammar checkers, may be used to gain increased writing help in practically any website, including social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Grammarly has a premium subscription edition for advanced editing, but you can use its superb spelling and grammar checking for free.

Google Dictionary

The Google Dictionary pop-up defines every word you enter. Johnson, Dave
Do you require vocabulary assistance? Google Dictionary is similar to Google Translate, only the words are already in English. It’s especially useful if you’re reading technical publications with domain-specific jargon. When you double-click a word on the website, Google Translate pops up a popup with a definition and audio pronunciation.

Zoom Scheduler

If you use Google Calendar but prefer Zoom over Google Meet (or are required to use Zoom), you can utilize Zoom’s Scheduler extension to start or plan Zoom meetings directly in your Google Calendar, saving you the time of having to browse and organize two apps.

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