Search Console Insights is a new tool for content creators and publishers that can help them better understand how people find their site’s content and what connects with them. Google Search Console and Google Analytics data are used to fuel this new experience.

In what ways might Search Console Insights assist you?

  1. Site owners, content authors, and bloggers can use Search Console Insights to better assess the performance of their material. It can, for example, assist in answering the following questions:
  2. What are the most successful pieces of material you’ve created?
  3. How are your new content pieces performing?
  4. How do people find your stuff on the internet?
  5. What do people look up on Google before coming to your site?
  6. Which of your articles directs visitors to your website and content?

Who may take advantage of Search Console Insights?

Search Console Insights

Because Search Console Insights is a feature of Google Search Console, it can be used by anybody who has a confirmed Google Search Console property (learn more). We strongly advise you to link your site’s Google Search Console property to your site’s Google Analytics property in order to gain even more and better insights into your content. For the time being, only Google Analytics UA properties are supported by Search Console Insights. We’re also working on adding support for Google Analytics’ four attributes, so that anyone who uses Google Analytics may take advantage of Search Console Insights.

How do you go to the Search Console Insights page?

  1. Search Console Insights can be accessed in a number of different ways:
  2. From the Overview page of Google Search Console, select ‘Search Console Insights.’
  3. Select ‘Search Console Insights’ in the account menu in the iOS Google app by tapping your profile image in the top corner of the screen (we are working to support this on the Android Google app as well).
  4. It can be found in the ‘Google Search Console in search results’ section.
  5. Use this link to get straight to it and save a bookmark (you can always Google ‘Search Console Insights’ and come here!).

How can you give feedback?

You can use the dedicated share feedback’ link found at the top and bottom of Search Console Insights. We’d love to hear from you, both positive and negative. By providing feedback, you are assisting us in improving our services – thank you in advance!

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