As many as 56% of social media influencers are operating in the metaverse, with 60% seeing themselves as creators in virtual worlds.

According to IZEA Worldwide, a provider of influencer marketing technology, analytics, and services for clients, this is the case. The survey, which polled 1,034 US internet users between the ages of 18 and 60, looked at how social media influencers are paving the way into virtual worlds.

The report is the first in a series of research studies focused on the critical roles of influencers in the adoption of new trends, technologies, and platforms in and around the metaverse.

Key Metaverse Insights for Influencers:

72 percent are thinking about or are making money in the metaverse.

Virtual world games such as Minecraft and Fortnite have been played by 85 percent of the population.



More Than Just a Trend: Brands Will Need to Enter The Metaverse

Key Metaverse Insights for Consumer Adoption:

Gaming (68%) is the most popular activity among individuals looking to participate in the metaverse, followed by exercising (53%) and watching media (53%). (48 percent ).

When asked what is preventing customers from entering the metaverse, 20% indicated they are waiting for virtual reality (VR) technology to become more inexpensive, while another 12% said they are waiting for VR technology to improve.

Sixty-six percent of people interested in joining the metaverse expect to buy a VR gadget over the next three years.

Key Metaverse Insights for Brand Sponsorships:

Brand sponsorships in virtual world games are supported by 90% of influencers and 72% of social media users.

Sponsorships have been seen in 73 percent of all respondents who have played virtual world games, and 42.2 percent remember the brand names.

Chipotle, Coca-Cola, Clorox, Google, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Nike, Red Bull, Skillshare, and Skittles were among the brands mentioned by respondents as having appeared in the metaverse.

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Key Metaverse Insights for Brands Building the Metaverse:

VR devices are owned by 15% of social media influencers and 6% of social media users polled.

Of the people polled who already own VR equipment, 50% have a PlayStation VR and 48% have an Oculus (Meta) Quest 2.

Consumers predict Apple and Amazon will create the most appealing virtual reality experiences in the future, ahead of Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony.

“We believe the future of virtual worlds is as wide as the web itself and will radically impact brand collaborations and how they are implemented,” Ted Murphy, founder, and CEO of IZEA stated.

“Our study indicates that influencers are early users of these new platforms and share our enthusiasm for the prospects available in the quickly emerging metaverse.” IZEA has already been performing collaborations with customers in the metaverse and anticipates this trend to accelerate as usage grows.”

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