During the pandemic, Minecraft wasn’t the only game that gained popularity. Roblox has also grown in popularity, particularly among young people. The fact that this platform is free to use also contributes significantly to the game’s success.

Roblox currently has over 230 million registered users on the platform. Furthermore, there are at least 30 million players online every day. So, it’s no surprise that almost every kid in the block seems to know about this game.

Roblox is distinct in that it is not a game. Instead, it is a platform where individuals can build and distribute Roblox-based games. It’s an excellent method to begin your career as a developer while also earning some money on the side.

How Many People Participate in Roblox?

According to Active Player, there are over 230 million registered Roblox players. Every day, 30 million logins are made out of that total. As a result, 30 percent of Roblox players are from both the United States and Canada.

In January, there was a minor decrease due to the closure of the Chinese app Roblox. However, Roblox informed them that the software would be released after some preliminary steps.

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What is the daily maximum number of players?

ODaily the game receives between 22 million and 30 million logins. Roblox has not provided a specific figure for most players who have logged into the platform. However, based on live player counts, the maximum number is easily over 30 million logins.

Meanwhile, 220 million of the estimated 230 million players are still active at least monthly. Roblox’s renowned game rooms and the ability to create your own game keep kids and teens amused at all times.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMax Players in a Day
Last 30 days213,022,57721,302,258
February 2022219,505,56721,950,557
January 2021224,506,14022,450,614
December 2021225,066,14422,506,614
November 2021223,955,01422,395,501
October 2021223,011,47822,301,148
September 2021205,155,67017,096,306
August 2021217,055,45721,705,546
July 2021215,502,11421,550,211
June 2021213,597,54721,359,555
May 2021205,663,10520,566,311
April 2021201,701,44020,170,144

Source: Active Player

Roblox Country Player Count

As of this writing, America and Canada have the most Roblox players. The two countries account for 30% of all players globally, with the United States accounting for 20.21 percent and Canada accounting for 9.79 percent. Meanwhile, Brazil ranks second with 7.85 percent, followed by Russia (6.09 percent), Turkey (4.43 percent), and the United Kingdom (4.42 percent). The remaining players are from various countries throughout the world.


Percentage of Roblox players by country

Roblox Device Player Count

Roblox is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases that can be accessed on a variety of devices. The game is currently available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the Xbox One. It was first made available for Windows in 2006.

According to Statista, 79 percent of Roblox’s users use mobile devices such as tablets and phones. Meanwhile, 25% prefer to utilize a computer to access the site, while only 3% use consoles.

How Many People Have Departure From Roblox?

Roblox’s popularity has dropped in recent months after the Chinese version of the game was banned from the Google Play store. However, Roblox stated that the game will be re-released when a few minor changes are made.

Roblox has begun eliminating Bot accounts from the platform as well. So far, the table below shows how many players have left and rejoined the game in the last year.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/Loss %
Last 30 Days213,022,577-6,482,990-2.95%
February 2022219,505,567-5,000,573-2.23%
January 2022224,506,140-560,004-0.25%
December 2021225,066,1441,111,1300.50%
November 2021223,955,014943,5360.42%
October 2021223,011,47817,855,8088.70%
September 2021205,155,670-11,899,787-5.48%
August 2021217,055,4571,553,3430.72%
July 2021215,502,1141,906,5670.89%
June 2021213,595,5477,932,4423.86%
May 2021205,663,1053,961,6651.96%
April 2021201,701,44016,041,2648.64%

Source: Active Player

What is the net worth of Roblox?

Despite being a free-to-play game, Roblox has gained money over the years through in-game purchases made by players. Furthermore, Roblox is profitable enough to compensate player-developers to keep and improve their games on Roblox.

Roblox’s most recent revenue was recorded in the year 2021 when the company earned $838.1 million. However, the number only covers the first two-quarters of income because the last two quarters have yet to be recorded.

Roblox also stated that the total amount spent by users on in-game purchases might reach $319 million. The corporation hit that figure in the second quarter of 2020. The table below illustrates the revenue earned by Roblox from 2017 to 2020.

2017$45 Million
2018$335 Million
2019$435 Million
2020$920 Million
2021$838.1 Million
Source: Business of Apps

Demographics of Roblox Users

In comparison to other video games, Roblox appears to have a substantially younger audience. According to Backlinko, 67 percent of Roblox gamers are under the age of 16. Only 14 percent of the gamers appear to be over the age of 25.

The majority of users under the age of 16 are between the ages of 9 and 12. These young users may also be able to earn money if they create a game.

As of 2022, there were nearly equal numbers of male and female Roblox players. The community is made up of roughly 51% males and 44% females, with 5% of players not specifying their gender.

Roblox was predominantly played by men in 2016. Only 35% of Roblox’s community identified as female.

How Many Roblox Developers Are There?

According to data, the game already has over 9.5 million creators, and the developers have already earned $129 million in the second quarter of 2021. In addition, the developers will earn more than $328 million in 2020.

Roblox earns money by charging users for the in-game currency known as Robux. They also profit from membership fees and commissions imposed by developers.

Developers can also profit from the Robux earned by other gamers. Every game purchased on Roblox allows developers to keep 70% of the proceeds. Meanwhile, Roblox retains control of the remaining 30%. In 2021, over 32 Roblox Developers earned more than a million dollars.

What are the most popular Roblox games?

Roblox is well-known for providing an ideal platform for children to experiment with a variety of other games produced by developers. Roblox games are visited by billions of people. Adopt Me!, a pet simulator game, was the most popular game as of February 22nd, with over 27.39 billion visitors. Adopt Me! is followed by Tower of Hell (16.69 billion visits) and Brookhaven (16 billion visits).

Game TitleVisits
Adopt Me!27.39 Billion
Tower of Hell16.69 Billion
Brookhaven16 Billion
MeepCity13.06 Billion
Piggy10.7 Billion
Murder Mystery 27.54 Billion
Royale High7.37 Billion
Welcome to Blossburg5.66 Billion
Jailbreak5.64 Billion
Blox Fruits4.09 Billion

Source: Statista

Events and Roblox

Roblox has also gone offline for several events. For example, the studio would hold both real-world and virtual events on occasion. In the past, they even held a convention called BloxCon for regular players on the site.

The Bloxy Awards, which have lately taken to the virtual stage due to the pandemic, are also held at the studio. The first virtual Bloxy Award took place on the Roblox platform, attracting over 600,000 watchers.

Another event organized by Roblox in San Francisco is the Roblox Developers Conference. Top content creators will be updated on the game’s upcoming modifications during the three-day invite-only event. Similar events have been organized by the studio in London and Amsterdam.

Roblox is also involved in the promotion of events and films. They’ve helped promote Wonder Woman 1984 and Aquaman. They’ve also presented and participated in virtual concerts to promote live artists and bands.

Some Roblox Facts

The game’s beta version was formerly known as DynaBlocks. However, after a year of beta testing, the firm decided to alter the name to Roblox. On September 1, 2006, the game was officially released.

While the game has been around for over a decade, it wasn’t until 2012 that the studio decided to release an iOS version. The game’s Android version was eventually launched in 2014. Because mobile devices are more accessible to children nowadays, they prefer to play the game on a mobile device rather than a PC.

In response to the global covid-19 outbreak, Roblox also developed a feature called Party Place. The functionality functions as an online hangout space for youngsters to interact with their peers without having to leave the house.

During the pandemic, Roblox noticed that youngsters began to use their platform to arrange birthday parties. Aside from that, the epidemic has attracted a slew of new players, as individuals have been urged to stay indoors.

Aside from the game, Roblox players are well-known for their anti-racism initiatives. During the Black Lives Matter marches, co-founder David Baszucki spoke out against racism alongside other platform users.

Roblox has garnered overwhelmingly good feedback. The game is praised for a large number of games available to users. It was also appreciated for allowing children to express their creativity by creating their games.

Parents are nevertheless encouraged to watch their children’s game activities in case they spend too much money on the platform. The game was also chastised for exploiting children’s inventiveness when monetizing games.

Despite the criticism, Roblox remains a popular hangout for the younger generation, who find more benefits than drawbacks to playing the game for free.

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