What is DealDash?

DealDash is a website that hosts penny auctions. This is a website where anyone can bid on goods, with each bid increasing the price by one cent.

Penny auctions are popular because the ultimate amount paid for items is usually quite low. After all, it takes 100 bids for the price to break the one-dollar barrier. Unfortunately, this does not automatically make them a good choice for people trying to spend less money.

How Does It Operate?

DealDash offers some quite perplexing marketing, but the website itself does a good job of clarifying the service offered.

There is no minimum reserve price and all products are listed at a beginning price of zero cents. Anyone may bid, and you may make as many bids as you choose.

Every bid raises the price by one cent. Each bid adds 10 seconds to the auction’s end time. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction is the winner.

How Does DealDash Make Money?

DealDash does not profit from the sale of anything. The average price at which products are sold is just insufficient for them to make a profit. DealDash instead generates money by selling bids. A single bid costs $0.12 at the time of writing. This means that by the time an item’s price hits $10, 1000 bids will have been submitted, and those bids will have sold for up to $120.

Because the winner receives all of their bids for free, the exact price of the bids varies.

This enables DealDash to be highly profitable independent of the final selling price of the products.

Why Should It Be Used Only for Entertainment?

If you try to utilize DealDash just to save money, you may find yourself in a bad scenario. Assume you’ve spent a hundred dollars on bids and haven’t won anything.

You’ve earned your money’s worth if you’re utilizing DealDash as a kind of enjoyment. However, if you are utilizing the site to save money on a purchase, you will have definitely failed.

At this point, you may be inclined to increase your bids in order to prevent failure. If the goods are valuable enough, you could continue doing this and maybe come out ahead if you win.

However, you may be able to bid indefinitely, spending more on bids than the goods themselves, and still not being able to get it.

DealDash gives a full description of how their auctions function, although it is unlikely that this will deter some people from doing so.

The parallel between this circumstance and that of a gambler on a losing run is likewise difficult to overlook.

Is DealDash’s advertising deceptive?

When you see a DealDash advertisement, it’s simple to assume that the platform may be used to spend less on popular products. The performers discuss the low prices they’ve received, but no one mentions paying for bids.

DealDash is permitted to run such adverts since they contain small print and many consumers do, in fact, save money.

The drawback is that, with hundreds of people bidding in some auctions, users who get such deals are in the minority. The others have also paid to play but have received nothing in return.

If you want a more detailed explanation of how the platform works, the advertisement does provide it, but you must read the fine print.

This isn’t unlawful, and DealDash isn’t the only company that uses fine print to explain key details.

Is it legit?

DealDash is a genuine website. Furthermore, it is possible to sign up and purchase things at substantial discounts. But keep in mind that you must pay to enter each offer. Furthermore, due to a large number of participants in each auction, the chances of a single offer securing a discount buy are quite slim.

What is the price?

To participate, registered bidders must first purchase “bids” at a cost of $0.60 apiece, which they can then use to bid on auctions. Standard auctions begin with a starting price of $0.00, and each bid submitted raises the price by $0.01 while taking one paid “bid credit” from the user’s balance.

Is DealDash safe?

Pricing is competitive, and you often wind up paying less than you would at a traditional retail store. Plus, you can still take advantage of those fantastic deals. DealDash is a legitimate alternative to penny auction sites because it offers the Buy it Now option.

Is there a monthly price for DealDash?

There is no subscription charge, and you just pay for the bids that you purchase.

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