In this post, we’ll look at what makes a good domain registrar, identify the most pleasing possibilities, and reveal which registrars we’d recommend for various types of organizations.

Eight of the top domain name registrar companies are available

Below, we look at the finest domain name registrars on the market, how much they charge for different domains, any extras that come with your domain name purchase, and a quick review of what add-ons each company offers.


Domain com, as the name suggests, is one of the world’s largest domain registrars, specializing in secure domains at low prices.

During the domain registration procedure, you can also purchase a range of paid add-ons, such as Google Workspace (previously G Suite). is a fantastic choice if you want a simple alternative that allows you to customize exactly what you get.

Domain prices at
  • SSL certification, domain forwarding, DNS administration, and a transfer lock are all included.
  • Web hosting, Google Workspace (G Suite), Comodo SSL, and SiteLock are available as add-ons.

2. Bluehost

With good reason, Bluehost is one of the most popular website hosting alternatives for WordPress users. All of their plans have a one-click WordPress installation option.

They also provide WordPress optimized hosting that comes pre-installed with WordPress, allowing you to begin constructing your site immediately. And, of course, you can register your domain name with them.

Pro tip: If you intend to develop a website on your new name, sign up for one of Bluehost’s hosting plans immediately rather than purchasing the domain separately. During the sign-up process, you will be allowed to register a domain name for free for the first year.

Domain prices at Bluehost
  • Add-ons: private registration, web hosting, Microsoft Office 365
  • Bundled features: SSL certification; a free domain name is bundled in with Bluehost’s website hosting plans


register com is a beautiful site to get popular domain extensions at reasonable pricing. If you’re willing to forsake private registration, you may get a domain through them for as little as $5 per year. does provide extra web services, such as site hosting and email hosting, although these are not advised. If you want to purchase your website hosting package and domain from the same provider, you should look into one of the other possibilities on this list.

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Domain prices at
$5; $16 private registration$5; $16 private registration$5; $16 private registration$49.99; $60.99 private registration
  • Add-ons: SSL certification, private registration (automatically added to all purchases; eliminate this from your cart if you don’t want it), email hosting, website hosting, advanced SEO tools
  • Bundled features: –

4. OVH

Although OVH does not provide domain registration in the United States, they are one of the most popular domain registration solutions for European enterprises.

If you own a business in Europe and want to maintain your spending in your home currency—a terrific way to save time on taxes—OVH is an excellent choice. Their website hosting plans, which can be readily added to your order during the checkout process, are likewise reasonably priced.

Domain prices at OVH
£6.99; £9.99 renewal£6.49£7.59£18.39£3.53£6.99; £9.99 renewal£1.79; £21.39 renewal
  • Add-ons: web hosting with included email hosting
  • Bundled features: DNSSEC protection, SSL certification

5. 1&1 Ionos

Ionos com

1&1 Ionos was founded in 1988, shortly after the internet was born. Over the years, they have assisted millions of businesses in launching their websites, and they currently host 12 million domains across Europe and the United States.

They charge slightly more for domains than most of the other domain registrars listed here. Still, each name comes with built-in domain locking, a 2GB mailbox, a free SSL wildcard certificate, and the possibility to establish 10,000 subdomains. 1&1 will also provide you with private registration for the majority of domains.

Domain prices at 1&1 Ionos
$1; $15 renewal$1; $20 renewal$1; $20 renewal$35; $50 renewal$5; $50 renewal
  • Bundled features: private email, SSL certification, 10,000 subdomains, domain locking
  • Add-ons: web hosting, website builder, email hosting with up to 25 accounts

6. GoDaddy

Because of its pervasive advertising campaigns, GoDaddy is possibly the most well-known domain registrar.

GoDaddy allows you to register a domain with a wide range of suffixes, and you can even have,.net, extensions grouped together for a reduced price.

GoDaddy also provides several website hosting services, including WordPress-optimized options.

Domain prices at GoDaddy
$11.99; $17.99 renewal$13.99$9.99$44.99; $59.99 renewal$7.99$14.99$12.99$9.99; $44.99 renewal
  • Add-ons: private registration, privacy protection, SEO tools, email hosting, website hosting
  • Bundled features: –

7. Namecheap

namecheap com

Namecheap is another website that began as a simple domain registrar and has since expanded to provide a choice of web hosting plans and other web services.

Their primary business, however, is still assisting individuals in registering domain names at a low cost. Namecheap may not have as many highly specialized extensions, but it has some of the most excellent rates,.net, domains.

Domain prices at Namecheap
  • Bundled features: WhoisGuard
  • Add-ons: SSL, certification, web hosting, G-Suite,

8. Domains.Google

Google is involved in almost every form of internet company imaginable, and they excel at all of them. Domains are the name of their domain registration service. Google debuted in 2015, and while it isn’t widely known, it is one of the greatest solutions available.

Every domain includes free privacy protection. Conversely, Google does not provide hosting web packages, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for your hosting needs.

Domain prices at Domains.Google
  • Add-ons: –
  • Bundled features: privacy protection

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