• Bitcoin’s price is consolidating above the USD 38,000 barrier level.
  • XRP is stable near USD 0.62, while Ethereum is trading in a positive zone above USD 2,700.
  • ETC and LEO both gained 8% and 21%, respectively.

Bitcoin’s price began a steady rise above the USD 38,000 barrier level. BTC traded above USD 38,800 but was met with sellers near USD 39,200. It is currently stabilizing (04:19 UTC), with the firm support of about USD 37,800.

Similarly, the majority of big cryptocurrencies are exhibiting signs of life. ETH has risen above USD 2,800 and is now trading above USD 2,700. XRP may ascend to the USD 0.65 resistance level. ADA is up nearly 3% and trading near the USD 1.10 resistance level.

Market capitalization in total

Price of ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP

Cardano (ADA) gained momentum after breaking above the USD 1.05 resistance level. It has even broken through the USD 1.08 barrier and is currently approaching the USD 1.10 level. Any further rises could push the price up to the USD 1.12 mark.

Binance coin (BNB) is seeing resistance near USD 388. A decisive rise above USD 388 could push the price up to the USD 400 barrier level. The next big resistance is located near USD 420.

Solana (SOL) began a powerful rise above the USD 100 resistance level. It continued to rise and even surpassed the USD 105 milestone. The next obstacle is near USD 112, and the price might test USD 120 if it breaks through it.

DOGE is still battling near the USD 0.145 barrier level. The next significant resistance is located near the USD 0.150 level. If there is no upward break, the market may correct down towards USD 0.135.

The XRP price is consolidating about USD 0.620. On the plus side, the price is up against a slew of roadblocks, beginning with USD 0.635. The bulls’ next big resistance level could reach USD 0.65.

Today’s market for other altcoins

Many cryptocurrencies, including DOT, AVAX, LTC, ETC, ALGO, LEO, XTZ, GRT, KSM, ZEC, QNT, and MINA, are up more than 5%. LEO gained 21 percent and broke beyond the USD 4.5 milestone, bringing its weekly gains to 29 percent. ETC is now up 17 percent in a week after rising 8 percent in a single day to USD 28.

Overall, the bitcoin price is trading above USD 38,000 in a positive zone. If BTC continues consistently above USD 37,800, a climb towards the USD 40,000 resistance zone is possible in the short term.

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Last Updated on June 20, 2022 by Alex Burma