Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the most effective and innovative ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing initiatives. But what precisely is AI marketing? How does it operate, and how can you get started with it?

What exactly is AI marketing?

AI marketing is the application of artificial intelligence technologies to improve how your firm promotes itself and interacts with leads and consumers. AI assists you in analyzing marketing data and automating marketing activities, so increasing the effectiveness of your marketing.

What exactly is artificial intelligence?

Let’s look at the definition of artificial intelligence (AI) to have a better understanding of what AI marketing is. AI is a catch-all phrase for various technologies that can do tasks usually associated with human intelligence.

AI-powered computer systems can perform various tasks, from decision-making to visual perception to speech recognition. Other terms usually connected with AI are:

Machine learning: A subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning. Machine learning algorithms allow computers to learn like humans do by utilizing algorithms to detect patterns in data.
Big data: Large datasets that AI systems can use to learn and make judgments are referred to as big data

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Methods for Using AI in Marketing

So, how can AI be used in marketing? In the following part, we’ll look at several AI marketing examples and discuss how AI is applied in marketing.

Choose the most appropriate keywords.

One application of AI in digital marketing is to assist you in selecting the keywords that would yield the best results in your marketing campaigns. The keywords you choose in your pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are critical to their performance. They can also help you decide which topics to write about for your content marketing efforts. AI-powered keyword research tools may help you uncover keywords to target, and solutions like MarketingCloudFX can assist you in determining which keywords will deliver the best return on investment for your company (ROI).

These technologies use machine learning to evaluate historical data to assist you in selecting the ideal keywords for your ads.

Ad bidding should be automated.

AI solutions can help you determine the ideal bid price for your ROI and automatically bid on online ad space. As more data becomes accessible, AI can assist you in making more intelligent selections for your advertising campaigns and real-time bidding adjustments. AI can also help you in streamlining and automating your online advertising administration.

Aside from bidding, AI marketing may assist you in altering various parts of your adverts, such as changing their content based on user preferences.

Customize your website experience

Intelligent marketing solutions can use data collected about your audience and how they engage with your website to offer information to users based on their preferences. You may also utilize AI marketing to tailor the user experience on your website for particular users or groups of people. Consider the case of an eCommerce clothes business.

If a person has previously browsed men’s shoes on your site, you may display men’s shoes to that user when they arrive at your homepage.

Include chatbots on your website

Chatbots are another intriguing application of AI marketing. Chatbots can answer frequent consumer questions on your website, saving your customer care team time and increasing the user experience of your site visitors. When you integrate AI into your chatbots, they can learn to communicate more efficiently with your consumers and help them find what they need over time.

Chatbots continuously develop as more data and feedback is collected.

Examine prior marketing campaigns

One of the most common AI marketing examples is utilizing artificial intelligence to review previous marketing initiatives, providing information about their performance and how future campaigns may be improved. AI enables you to study more data than you could previously and generate more advanced insights from previous campaigns. With the correct AI digital marketing solutions, you can automate the analysis of your marketing efforts and continuously enhance the efficacy of your campaigns.

The Advantages of AI Marketing

AI Marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing provides numerous benefits to firms, and as technology advances, so do the potential rewards. Here are some of the most significant advantages of AI marketing.

Increased ROI

AI tools can evaluate past data to determine which marketing techniques are most likely to offer the highest ROI. AI can enhance the ROI of your marketing over time by assisting you in making better strategic decisions.

Increased effectiveness

AI marketing allows you to make faster decisions and automate various areas of your marketing, saving you time and allowing your team to get more done.

Enhanced user experience

Personalization, chatbots, and other AI-powered solutions can help you improve your consumers’ interactions with your company. These enhancements result in improved client connections and increased consumer loyalty.

Improved decision-making

You can use AI to make more educated and strategic decisions since it can analyze enormous amounts of data and draw relevant insights. These choices assist you in improving your marketing and other parts of your company’s operations.


AI will play a significant role in marketing in the future. Many of your competitors are probably already utilizing it, which will become more common in the future. Investing in AI allows you to stay ahead of the competition and prepares you for the future.

How to Begin with AI Marketing

So, how do you begin with AI marketing? It may appear hard, but it is often more straightforward than you think, especially with the correct tools. An AI marketing business, such as WebFX, may also assist you in developing an AI marketing strategy and implementing AI tools.

Here are the six stages to getting started using AI for marketing:

1. Assess use cases

Looking at potential use cases for AI in marketing is a solid first step. Determine which challenges you believe AI can assist you in tackling. This procedure will provide a starting point for your search for AI solutions.

2. Carry out research

Following that, perform preliminary research on AI solutions that you might be able to apply to solve the difficulties you highlighted. Make a list of technologies you may employ and AI marketing firms that could assist you. Gather information on prospective costs, potential ROI, and the steps required in implementing an AI solution.

3. Establish objectives

It’s also critical to have clear objectives for your AI projects. Before deploying AI, having well-defined goals can help you stay focused and track your progress.

4. Locate AI partners and tools

At this point, it’s a good idea to review your list of potential AI tools and partners and decide which ones you’ll utilize. Consider your needs, the prices, the potential rewards, and how well they fit your goals.

5. Make an implementation plan.

Then, make a clear plan for putting your AI solution into action. If you collaborate with a marketing firm, they may be able to assist you in developing this plan. The source of your AI tool will most likely provide implementation help, but make sure to design a project tailored to your company’s needs.

6. Maintain and enhance

As you implement your AI strategy and reap the benefits of your new AI solution, keep track of your progress and ROI. You can then utilize this data to improve the performance of your AI solutions.

AI can help you improve your marketing.

Consider using AI in your marketing if you want to increase the results of your efforts. Consider collaborating with WebFX if you need assistance with AI marketing. Our staff can advise you on how to best use AI in marketing, and our patented digital marketing software, MarketingCloudFX, makes it simple to include AI in your campaigns.

MarketingCloudFX analyzes data, makes strategic suggestions, and automates campaigns using IBM Watson AI. To learn more, visit MarketingCloudFX or contact us to talk with a specialist.

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