hqdefault*The ethics of google panda check list:
 High Quality “Do’s” Factors,
Good usage metrics showing User Satisfaction with your content / presentation
Positive Social Shares / Mentions
Positive “Reviews” on an Independent Google Verifiable Source
Authoritative Outlinks in Your Content / Citing Your Sources
Address and /or Contact Clearly Listed on Each page
A Very Positive Reputation On Blogs and Forums, etc.
“News articles, Wikipedia articles, blog posts, magazine articles, forum discussions, and ratings from independent organizations can all be sources of reputation information… Yelp, Better Business Bureau… Amazon, and Google Product Search.”
Date Info on Every Page – “Last Updated”– kept current, including copyright
Clear Difference in Design Between Main Content And Supplemental Content
Long standing Domain name, Long Standing Public Domain Registration
** NEW ** Many Good Comments a Good Factor — Don’t block them or hide them from Googlebot if they are good, even Disqus.
Rampant Speculation About Other Possible High Quality Factors:
Test the Shopping Cart For Efficiency and Ease of Use
Low Quality “Dont” Factors,
Bad usage metrics showing possible User Dissatisfaction with your content / presentation
EDIT: Duplicate or Aggregate, “Tag”, or “Category”. NOTE: The issue is not duplicate content per se, the issue is thin content that “users might notice”, and keyword stuffing of the “tag” or “category” pages. And offsite dup content.
Duplicate Titles and Meta Description
Aggressive “search phrase” keyword use onsite, INCLUDING: URL string, page content, AND HTML code like TITLE or ALT attributes
EDIT: Keyword Stuffed Internal Links on Blog pages etc. (NOTE: this is both a problem with the number of keywords, and the ratio of links to text on the page — Google has admitted both are signals for a “low quality” page in their eyes.
Off-topic / Multi-Topic Links or Content Onsite — eg.: can’t have a site on finance talk about cooking recipes in their blog
Old or Outdated or Mistaken Facts/Info
Garbage text, single sentence pages, spun text, bad construction / spelling / grammar, Bad Search Results Pages, errors on page, etc.
Made for Ads site – where users quickly click on your 50%+ ads above the fold
EDIT: NONUSEFUL 404, or excessive 500 level, or any PHP / MySQL errors
Main Content (purpose of page) is below the fold
Excessive, Unmarked, Deceptive, Interstitial, In-between the Text Ads and Popups
Bad Reputation on Independent Sites
Blocking Googlebot from Onsite CSS or JS Important for Design
Supplemental / Sidebar Content Useless or Distracting
Low Quality / Spammy / Duplicated / Auto-Generated User Generated Comments / Posts
Slow speed a demoting factor – especially over 20 seconds to download, OR if creates ANY user dissatisfaction
Broken Links / Images Don’t Load / Site is Not Maintained / Pages appear abandoned
Doorway pages

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Sources: http://themoralconcept.net/pandalist.html

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